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Tales of the Trees 2017
The Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's

The first of the traditional series of picture galleries recording the sequence of events
from the arrival of the Christmas Trees to their final dismantling and removal.

This page records the empty church and the recently delivered trees on the evening of Thursday November 3rd
and on the following day, the hive of activity as young members of our uniformed organisations,
with their leaders more or less in charge (oh yes they were!) all as busy as Beavers.
Stands were laid in place and covered, trees carted around to their designated sites, and initial work on decorations began.

Saturday would see the bulk of the trees adorned by their various sponsors, and the public
would see the fruits of all these labours at church on Advent Sunday and thereafter daily
throughout the busiest week of our year at St Faith's.

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Photos by Chris Price and Mike Carr

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