St Faith's in Pictures   

By clicking on the blue underlined links below you will be able to see what St Faith's looks like, outside and inside, as well as accessing pictorial highlights of the church in action at various stages in the Christian calendar. They take the form of galleries of still photographs, slideshows of the church from our archives and as seen today, and moving panoramas of the interior of the church and of the surrounding streets. There are also connections, both here and in several of the linked pages, to other features of interest, should you wish to explore further.

This page, which is gathering together a wide range of pictorial material, is being developed progressively. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can try typing a word or phrase into the search box on the home page, or accessing the full alphabetical site index page.

Picture gallery pages should open directly via the relevant links. When accessing powerpoint slideshows, it is recommended that you choose the 'save' option to your computer, then open the slideshow direct from the saved desktop file. If you do not have Microsoft Office on your computer, you can download Powerpoint Player by following this link.

Feature launched 24/10/2010
The 'Virtual Tour'
Click on the schematic diagram of the church layout to see pictures and text for features of interest around the church

From the Archives 1
From the Archives 2
Powerpoint slideshow presentations of annotated pictures of our church, its buildings, priests and some of its people and events, from the laying of the foundation stone in 1898
Click here to download Powerpoint Player

Saint Faith's today

Powerpoint slideshow presentation of annotated pictures of the outside and inside of our church today.

Saint Faith's through the Church's Year 1
Powerpoint presentation of annotated pictures following the services of the church from Advent to Good Friday

Saint Faith's through the Church's Year 2
The rest of the Church's year (Easter Eve to the Patronal Festival)

Pulpit Panorama

Use your cursor to drag the picture left and right to see the sanctuary and the body of the church as viewed from the pulpit

From the bell-tower

This page accesses moving and still pictures
of a 360° panorama of the parish and further afield, as seen from the bell-tower of St Faith's during repairs to the bell!

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