One fine day in August 2007 an intrepid band of  parishioners wriggled their way to the top of St Faith's bell-tower and brought the church bell - which had been more or less out of action for some months - back into working order.

While he was up there, Denis Griffiths took the opportunity to take a sequence of digital still photographs of the parish and further afield through 360 degrees. Using ingenious stitching and blending software, he converted these into a seamless (well, almost seamless - can you spot the join?) all-round  panorama, which he then made into a panoramic movie.

Clicking on one of the links below will download a Quicktime movie (if your computer doen't have Apple Quicktime, you will be prompted to download it... or you can access the download here) When it is saved, enlarge the file to full size (it will occupy about half your screen), then click and hold down the minus button below the still image to fit the picture fully into the window. Release, then position the cursor on any part of the image to produce a hand pointer. Dragging the cursor to the left or right then produces a continuous panorama through 360 degrees, with main compass points and some landmarks of buildings and other features at the top of the picture coming in as you move round. You may need to experiment with mouse, settings and pointer to achieve success. Enjoy...!

Two links are provided below. Please note that they are large files, which will take some time to save and open, depending on your connection speed. Recommended for broadband only, unless you have time to spare! For low-capacity broadband, the smaller file may be better.

The recommended procedure is to right click and select 'Save target as' to download the appropriate file to your desktop or selected location. Files can then be opened  in the usual way. If the movie files are too big for your computer or connection, you can enjoy the views by using the third and fourth links below.

CLICK HERE to access and download the smaller Quicktime movie (quicker download and slightly lower quality) 

CLICK HERE to access and download the larger Quicktime movie.

CLICK HERE to access the individual still pictures from which Denis made the panorama carousel

CLICK HERE for some striking close-ups of churches, streets and other features seen from the bell-tower

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