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As this site has expanded, it has become more difficult to keep track of what it contains, and in particular to find material for which there is no obvious front page link. This index has been designed as a navigational aid: I hope visitors find it useful.

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Advent resource page  Words, prayers and recorded music for the Advent season from St Faith's and beyond, including the story of the BBC Advent services from St Faith's
Advent Toy and Parade service 2007
Advent Meditation
Aerial views of our parishes: see Parish Directory
All-Age Adventures 
The 2008 Advent Toy and Parade service and the Sunday Schools' party
All Souls' Day 2005
Animations a small collection of religiously-orientated animations, seasonal and otherwise
Annual Parochial Church Meetings Introduction, with links to APCMs from 2005 to date
Articles of Faith index page  Links to sermons on various themes and festivals, prayers and texts for various occasions, poetry pages and other resources.
Ascension Day breakfast 2005
Away Day 2011  The United Benefice PCCs' day of discussion and decision-making

Baptism records 1900-2000: see Gallery 2000-2002
Barbecues August 2008 onwards: see United Benefice BBQ
Barbecue for Malawi 2005
The BBC Advent services 2005  from St Faith's
The Bells of St Mary's... Sam Austin's explorations
The Big Breakfast - rasing money for the Waterloo Partnership in June 2006
Bishop James's 10th Anniversary Celebrations at the Cathedral
Bishop Paul Bayes The Bishop of Liverpool writes to St Faith's following distorted coverage in the Liverpool Echo
Bishop Michael Henshall,, RIP  Fr Peter Goodrich's tribute following the funeral of a friend of St Faith's
Bobcat Pack activities: see Youth Pages
British Legion flag parade: see Royal British Legion
Brownie Pack activities: see Youth Pages
Bulletin - the current week's parish bulletin
Bushey Parish: see Farewell Father index

The Candlemass page
Candlemass 2011
Candlemass 2014
The Capper Collation   Fr Richard Capper at Norwich Cathedral
Cathedral and Parish: see Gallery 2004
Centenary Celebrations 2000 at St Faith's: the Centenary Diary (with a message from Lord Runcie) and the Centenary High Mass service report
The Centenary Banners: see Finding Out about St Faith's
The Charity Fun Days: see Gallery 2004 and Gallery 2000-2002
Child Protection Policy: see Parish Directory
The Choir at St Faith's: see Music pages
Chloe Johnson and the Tall Ships Race 2008 -
St Mary's Guider sails off
Christian Aid Week 2005: service order, prayers and links
The Christingle Service 2007
The Christingle Service 2013
The Christmas Pages: prayers, poetry, liturgy and pictures for the feast of the Nativity with links to services. Updated annually.
The 2009 Christmas Tree Festival: index page for full coverage of this new and very successful event
The 2010 Christmas Tree Festival: index page for the latest wonderful week
The 2011 Christmas Tree Festival: another marvellous week
The 2012 Christmas Tree Festival: even better than before...
The 2013 Christmas Tree Festival: what can we say...?

Christmas Animations: Father Christmas and his reindeers perform for you. See also St Faith's greeting
Chronicles of a Choirboy: Graham Barry's serial story of his life at St Faith's in the 1950s
Christmas 2003 at St Faith's: see Gallery 2003
Church Hall information and booking: see Parish Directory
'Cinderella' (2007 pantomime): see Pantomime pages.
Classic fm Music Makers charity - Mari Griffiths' Sahara Desert Trek in March 2009
Clergy pages (information about past and present priests, with soundbites): see Finding Out about St Faith's
Concerts at St Faith's: see Music pages
Confirmation 2004: see Gallery 2004
Confirmation records 1900-2000: see Gallery 2000-2002
Confirmation 2008: the United Benefice service at St Faith's
Conques Pilgrimages: several pages of words and pictures from the visits made to the shrine of Saint Faith in Conques, France
Corpus Christi High Mass 2005  (with Licensing of Fr Mark Waters)
Corpus Christi 2011 and dedication of eucharistic ministers
Corpus Christi 2013
Craft and Activity Day November 2005
Craft and Activity Day November 2007
Craft and Activity Morning 2008
Craft and Activity Morning 2009
Craft and Activity Morning 2010
Crosby Symphony Orchestra: see Music pages
Curiouser and Curiouser
- a collection of contemporary absurdities of various kinds, largely reflecting the website manager's unreconstructed view of life
Cynthia Johnson's Reader Licensing in Liverpool Cathedral

Deanery Eucharist 2008
- local churches visit St Faith's for a celebratory service
Denise McDougall and the Dog Collar: see Gallery 2003
Denise McDougall's 2009 appointment  to the Ministry Team and arrival at St Faith's
Desert Trek (Mari Griffiths): see Classic fm music makers
Diary of Events - the current (2011) diary, with links to archived diaries 2000-2009
Dick Whittington Pantomime 2006
Director of Music - see Music Pages
Directory - Details of church officals, contacts, services etc; also brief history and links to other resources
Diversions: Outings and Opinions - a series of articles by the editor collected from Newslink over the years

Easter 2006: gallery of services  (Easter vigil, Easter morning and Festal Evensong)
Easter 2008: gallery and report, with link to Holy Week highlights
Easter 2009  index page to Lent and Easter pages
The Easter pages: index page (2010) for all Lent and Easter pages
Easter Workshop: the United Benefice children's activity morning at St Mary's on Good Friday morning 2011
The Epiphany pages
Episcopal Visitation to St Faith's and subsequent announcements may be sorrowed over here

Fairtrade at St Faith's: see Finding Out about St Faith's
Farewell Father: index page for Fr Neil's final days at St Faith's and his installation at Bushey
Finance: see Money Matters
Finding Out about St Faith's Links to pages: the Church's Healing Ministry, the Centenary Banners, the text of the Furnishings of Faith book, including the 'Titanic' connection), the Stations of the Cross and the Stations of the Resurrection devotions, the Lord Runcie memorial window, Sounds of Saint Faith's, past and present Clergy pages, with sound, the Friends of St Faith's, What we do in Church and why, Fairtrade at St Faith's and other features. See also 'Why do we do that?'
Flower Festival 2003: see Gallery 2003
Focus on our Future 2003 (youth events): see Gallery 2003
Fr Dennis Smith's Silver Jubilee: see Gallery 2003
Fr Neil Kelley 
celebrates ten years as Vicar of the United Benefice
Fr Neil Kelley's Silver Jubilee mass and announcement of departure  - July 2017    

Fr Neil Kelley's final days at St Faith's and collation at Bushey: see 'Farewell Father'
Fr Simon Tibbs's arrival record
Friends of Saint Faith's an association of friends and supporters of the church
'Funny You Should Say That' - a collection of religious jokes, see Jokes Page
Furnishings of Faith (a guide to  the architecture and fittings of the church): see Finding Out about St Faith's

Gallery 2004 Links to stories and pictures posted in 2004, including Going to Extremes, the Quiz Night, the Saving St John's School campaign, Confirmation service, Conques pilgrimage pages, Medic Malawi and St Faith's Kindergarten, the Holiday Club, Cathedral and Parish, the Charity Fun Day, the Men's Group pages, the Royal Maundy Service, the story of the Great Crucifix and the statue of Saint Faith
Gallery 2003 Links to stories and pictures posted in 2003, including Denise McDougalls' Ordination, Fr Neil on the Southport Traumatizer, the first Holiday Club, Fr Dennis Smith's Silver Jubilee, the Patronal Flower Festival, Focus on our Future (youth events) and Christmas at St Faith's
Gallery 2000-2002 Articles published between 2000 and 2002, also historical material, including the 2002 Charity Fun Day, the first three United Benefice Pantomimes, tributes to Lord Runcie, a brief history of the church, the Horsfall connection, and the Parish Registers.
Ghana visit by ex-Parish Administrator Liz Mooney, October 2009
Gift Aid explained and a Gift Aid form: see Money Matters
Giving in Grace: see Money Matters
Going to Extremes: see Gallery 2004
The Great Crucifix: see Gallery 2004
Greeting Father Ged - the story oif our ex-organist's ordination in the Roman Catholic Church
Guidebook and short history text: see Parish Directory

Harvest Festival for Bangladesh: Christian Aid 2005
The Healing Ministry at St Faith's: see Finding Out about St Faith's
Helen Coffey - a page about the Mirfield ordinand visiting us June-July 2011
History of St Faith's: the 1975 full history of our church.For a briefer version, see Directory
History of St Mary's:
see St Mary's home page
Children's Holiday Club 2008
Children's Holiday Club 2009
Children's Holiday Club 2010
Holiday Club at St Mary's: see St Mary's Home Page
Holiday Club 2004: see Gallery 2004
Holiday Club 2003: see Gallery 2003
Holy Week and Easter services in the United Benefice, 2006
Horsfall Connection, the Pages about our founder Douglas Horsfall, the laying of our foundation stone, our patrons St Chad's College, the Myers connection and the Liverpool Cathedral connection

Interregnum bulletins 2012  See also
Parish Profile
Jacala's Jounrey :
a youth leader's inspiring story
John Taylor memorial ceilidh  a tribute to a much-loved parishioner a youth leader's inspiring story
Jokes page a collection of supposedly funny stories and cartoons, mostly religious
Joseph Bell and the Titanic connection

Kevin Walsh R.I.P. An affectionate tribute to a much-loved member of St Faith's
Kindergarten of St Faith: see Gallery 2004

Last Night of the Proms at St Mary's 2011
Last Night of the Proms at St Mary's 2010
Last Night of the Proms at St Mary's 2009
Last Night of the Proms at St Mary's 2008
Last Night of the Proms at St Mary's 2007
Last Night of the Proms at St Mary's 2005
Lent 2006: Mothering Sunday gallery and links to Holy Week and Easter services
Lent 2009: index page for all Lent and Easter pages
Lent 2010: index page for all Lent and Easter pages
Linked sites  Links to various church sites, local and national, and sources of material, serious and satirical
Liturgy and Lunch: 'Fifth Sunday' services of worship, fellowship and food in the church halls of the United Benefice
The Lord Runcie Memorial Window at St Faith's: see Finding Out about St Faith's
Lord Runcie remembered -  features on our most famous past member, including his funeral sermon: see Gallery 2000-2002

Magazine: see Newslink entries below
The Man for the Ministry   Reports from St Faith's ordinand Martin Jones, leading up to his ordination in 2007
Mari Griffiths' Desert Trek: see Classic fm Music Makers
Marriage records 1900-2000: see Gallery 2000-2002
Mass for Justice:  see Articles of Faith
Maundy Thursday 2006: See Palm Sunday 2006
Medic Malawi and St Faith's Kindergarten: see Gallery 2004
Memorial Service at St Mary's: see St Mary's home page
The Men's Group pages  Reports and pictures from activities over the years of its existence, including the 2009 retreat.
The Men's Fellowship in the United Benefice: pictures of this new group in action walking to Hightown on Easter Saturday 2011
Mona Turner R.I.P. - tributes

Money Matters with links to Advent 2005 sermon on Giving in Grace, Prayers about Giving, a Standing Order form, details of the Planned Giving Scheme, Gift Aid explained and a Gift Aid form. Also a link to an earlier campaign.
More than Just a Christmas Present  Fred and Linda Nye's illustrated account of the despatch of goods for Sierra Leone from the Waterloo Partnership
Mothering Sunday 2006
Music Pages  with links to pages about St Faith's Choir, St Faith's Organ, our Director of Music, the Summer Saturday Recitals, various other concerts  and the Crosby Symphony Orchestra
Musical Marathon  Fr Neil Kelley's 2007 24-hour organ play at St Mary's
Musical Marathon 2009
Music - summer 2017: see Summer of Music 2017
Newslink magazine current edition the text of the latest church magazine (now in full colour pdf!)
Newslink past editions from 2002
The New Year Page: prayers, poetry and liturgy for the turning of the year
Notice Board: forthcoming events and current notices

Oddities page 'Curiouser and Curiouser' - a collection of assorted absurdities
Online Donations to St Faith's: use the quick links button on the front page
The Organ at St Faith's: see Music pages
Over-65 Holiday Club 2008
Over-65 Holiday Club 2009
Over-65 Holiday Club 2010

Pantomime Pages  Links to all the pantomimes staged by the United Benefice, including the 2008 production of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' and the 2009 production of 'Rumpelstiltskin'
Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday 2006: words and pictures from the services
Pantomime pages: the first three productions of the United Benefice Dramatic Society: see Gallery 2000-2002; for the 2006 show, see Dick Whittington
Parish Directory    Full information about St Faith's and links to street maps, aerial views, our Church Hall and booking information, the United Benefice Child Protection policy, the current church guidebook and short history and a photographic virtual tour
Parish Panorama  Moving and still pictures of the parish from the church bell tower. For an internal panorama see Pulpit Panorama
Parish Profile  and associated documents as produced during the interregnum of 2012
The Parish Registers - records from our registers of marriages, baptisms and confirmations 1900-2000 at St Faith's): see Gallery 2000-2002
Patronal Festival 
2005-2009: see Saint Faith's Day entries
P.C.C. Faces: see Finding Out about St Faith's
Parry, Jackie  - her road to ordination and the service itself
Paula O'Shaughnessy
Pentecost 2009  
Gallery of pictures from this year's activities
Pentecost pages  Index to previous years' services and to resources of prayer and poetry
Pilgrimage Pages 
Background, index and links to all parish pilgrimages since 2000. Individual locations also linked alphabetically
Poetry Pages Anthologies of poetry for various seasons of the Christian year (Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Advent and Christmas); Poems from the Back Pew by Chris Price (about St Faith's); Poems about Liverpool; Poetry of War and Remembrance; a reading of 'Ode to St Faith's'.
Pope John Paul II, RIP  Tributes
Prayers about Giving in Grace: see Money Matters
Praying the Stations: see Articles of Faith
Pulpit Panorama  - scan round the church interior

Quiz Night: see Gallery 2004

The Royal Maundy Service: see Gallery 2004
Remembrance Poetry
an anthology of poetry about war
Remembrance Day
- a poem by Chris Price
Revd Dr Susan Lucas
Robert Runcie - tributes to our most famous 'old boy'. For the Lord Runcie Memorial Window at St Faith's see 'Finding Out about St Faith's'
Rome and Assisi Pilgrimage 2006
The crowning of the Rose Queen at St Mary's Patronal Festival, May 2006
Royal British Legion Flag Parade laying up of old colours at St Faith's, December 2010
Royal Wedding 2011 service order for mas of thankgiving, April 29th
Rumpelstiltskin - full coverage of the February 2009 United Benefice pantomime

Saint Faith and Saint Faith's information about Saint Faith and her connection with our church
Saint Faith's Day 2007 reporting our 2007 Patronal Festival celebrations, with links to reports from 2006 and 2005
Saint Faith's Day 2008 reporting the High Mass and associated junketings
Saint Faith's Week 2008 ('October Opportunities') programme of events and services
Saint Faith's Day 2009 reporting the Patronal Festival celebrations of St Faith's Night
Saint Faith's Day 2010 flagging up this year's events and linking all past pages
Saint Faith's Day 2012
Saint Faith's Day 2013
Saint Faith's elsewhere a list of more than 60 other churches and establishments in the United Kingdom and worldwide dedicated to our patron saint; with features and website links
Saint Faith's Greeting our patroness wishes you a happy Christmas
Saint Mary the Virgin, Waterloo Park. The independent website (launched January 2011) for our sister church in the United Benefice
Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage 2008
Saving St John's School: see Gallery 2004
School Run Drop In 2009
Senior Citizens' Christmas Dinner 2005
Senior Citizens' Christmas Dinner 2007
Senior Citizens' Christmas Dinner 2009
Senior Citizen's Christmas Dinner 2010 (actually held in 2011!)
Senior Citizen's pre-Lent Dinner, February 2013
Senior Citizens' Candlemass Dinner 2014
Sermons from St Faith's - a regularly updated selection of sermons by our own and visiting preachers
Sermons from St Mary's: see St Mary's home page
Servers' Sponsored Southport Walk 2008
Services Family Support - a new initiative welcoming service personnel and families
Sounds of St Faith's (speech and music): see Finding Out about St Faith's
Spark and Green: see Articles of Faith (Resources)
Spring Fair 2012
St Helena: see Articles of Faith (Resources)
St Kevin's Night 2009
  Irish evening in memory of Kevin Walsh
St Mary's Directory: see St Mary the Virgin home page
St Mary's magazine Highlights: see St Mary the Virgin home page
St Mary's Picture Gallery
Standing Order form: see Money Matters
The Stations of the Cross at St Faith's: see Finding Out about St Faith's
The Stations of the Resurrection at St Faith's: see Finding Out about St Faith's
The Statue of Saint Faith: see Gallery2004
Street maps of our parishes: see Parish Directory
Summer of Music 2017 (concerts and recitals)
Sunday School Party December 2005
Sunday School Party December 2007
Sunday School Party June 2008
Sunday Schools' Party June 2009
Sunday Schools' Party June 2010
Sunday Schools' Party June 2011 (incorporated in Pentecost 2011 report)
Sunday Schools' Party December 2008: see All-Age Advent-ures
The Summer Saturday Recitals see: Music pages
Swine Flue precautions 2009

Talents Scheme 2009: fund-raising project pages and Talents thermometer
The 'Titanic' connection and Joseph Bell: see Finding out about St Faith's or go directly here
Tree Festivals index: access coverage of all Christmas Tree Festivals siunce they began in 2009. For individual years see also Christmas Tree Festival entries above
The Traumatizer (Fr Neil on the Southport Big Dipper): see Gallery 2003
The '84 Cub at Rydal - images from the 80s of the ladies of St Faith's when they were somewhat younger...

Uniformed Organisations: see Youth Pages
United Benefice Summer Barbecue 2008
United Benefice Summer Barbecue 2009
United Benefice Summer Barbecue 2010
United Benefice Summer Barbecue 2011
United Benefice Dramatic Society: see Pantomime Pages

Vicrage Garden Party 2018
Virtual Tour in photographs: see Parish Directory
Visitation index

Walsingham Appeal 2006 The 2006 Appeal and our Gala Concert in aid of it
Walsingham links home page  Access page for this year's and previous pilgrimages, the Shrine website, the Walsingham Cell at St Faith's, its newsletters
Walsingham Pilgrimage 2000  the first St Faith's pilgrimage to the Norfolk Shrine 
Walsingham Pilgrimage 2004
Walsingham Pilgrimage 2007
Walsingham Pilgrimage 2009
Walsingham Shrine website
Walsingham Shrine Festival at Liverpool Cathedral October 2009
War Poetry  an anthology of poetry on the subject of war and remembrance
Waterloo Partnership home page
Waterloo Partnership and St Faith's
Waterloo Partnership Big Breakfast
Waterloo Partnership container despatch November 2007 see More than Just a Christmas Present
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2009
What the Papers Say
a compendium of press articles on matters of Christian concern 
What we do in church and why: see Finding Out about St Faith's
Who went to Walsingham in 1958?
Why Do We Do That? articles about some of the practices and traditionsof our worship. See also Finding out about St Faith's

Youth Pages: index to articles, pictures and features from church uniformed organisations, Junior Church group, activity days and holiday clubs

Return to St Faith's home page