Beating the Bounds

St Faith's parish boundaries, and the streets within them,
in the year of our church's consecration and today.

St Faith's in 1900

The parish was carved out of surrounding parishes, but in the early years the only concentrated urban building was to the
SW of the church (the 'Tree' roads and the 'Dales')
and the houses around Merchant Taylors' School.
To the east lay open fields, although the line of Stuart Road existed, as did Marldon and Grosvenor Avenues.
Crosby House Farm and Carrfield Dairy are shown to the N.E.
The fields merge into what is now
the Rimrose Valley country park, and the Leeds-Liverpool canal may be seen bottom right.
Victoria Park was created in 1902 and the roads to the north
of Myers Road West weren't laid out until much later (1925 onwards).

This map, our sleuth John Woodley says, is in fact a cobbled together version of two maps from different periods.
The northern section is from 1907 and the southern area (Waterloo) is from 1925. He has taken cartographer's licence to remove
several streets in the parish to take it back to its probable appearance in 1900.