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 Patronal Festival pictures (in church and at lunch!) are  HERE.
Fr Ged Callacher's sermon is HERE.

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The seasons of the year at Saint Faith's
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  Episcopal Visitation statements HERE

St Faith's at Mirfield

Pictures and story of the parish retreat to the Community of the Resurrection are HERE

Annual Memorial Service – All Souls’ Tide
Sunday 2nd November at 6.30pm

At this service we commemorate the faithful departed. Those who have had funerals in Church in 2014 will go on the memorial list to have their names read out. If you wish to add others, the list is at the back of Church - or email the vicar

Raising the Roof!

October 12th: The latest bulletin on the criminal damage to our roof is
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St Faith's Church, Great Crosby, is a Registered Charity No. 1134518.  We are a FAIRTRADE Church