'All good friends and jolly good company...'

The Senior Citizens' Candlemass Lunch 2014

or 'Hunger and thirst after righteousness'

Once upon a time it was the OAPs' Christmas Lunch, held in December. Then it seemed better to hold it in the emptier weeks after Christmas, so it was the Epiphany Lunch for wise men and women.

What with one thing and another in recent weeks, the 2014 date slipped back again and was held on Candlemass, a feast in which Old Simeon and Anna feature strongly. And so it was that their 21st century equivalents, 70 years old if they were a day, sat down to eat, drink and even be merry, and many a glass was raised to St Faith's - and all who sail in her!

The morning had seen the Sung Eucharist for the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple celebrated in church. The words and pictures for this are HERE. And click HERE for a page explaining the origins and significance of the feats, and HERE to see how we celebrated the day in 2011, with our incoming priest-in-charge, Revd Sue Lucas, preaching at the evening High Mass.



'For now we see through a glass darkly...'
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