February 2nd is the Feast of Candlemass in the Christian calendar - the Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

When the feast falls on a weekday we usually mark it by an evening High Mass by candle-light, but this year it fell on a Sunday
Members of our uniformed organisations played various parts as the Revd Denise McDougall led them in the dramatised story of this special day.

You can read an explanation of the story and its significance on a dedicated page in our 'Way of Faith' pages.
Click HERE for the explanation and a sermon, and HERE for the celebrations of 2011,
when the visiting preacher was Revd Sue Lucas, who will be taking over as priest in charge later this month.

Afterwards, we enjoyed the Senior Citizens' Candlemass Lunch in the church hall. Click HERE to see what went on.





Another Presentation - not of Christ in the Temple but to Maureen at the back of church,
to mark her dedicated efforts on behalf of St Faith's in recent months. 

Later that day, in the Church Hall....
 The Senior Citizens' Christmas...  Epiphany... Candlemass Lunch!