Red Letter Night

The evening of Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 - the Feast of Saint Faith, Virgin and Martyr,

saw the traditional Patronal Festival High Mass at the Crosby church named in her honour.
The pictures tell the story of a splendid and colourful service,  with powerful liturgy, a stirring sermon,
 some marvellous music, a phalanx of visiting priests and people, and a

 distinguished preacher in the name of the Very Revd Justin Welby, Dean of Liverpool.

As always on this night of thanksgiving and loving memories, all concerned in the planning
and execution of this major act of worship had pulled all the stops out - and the recent patching up
by members of the congregation, just in time for the service, of our previously dysfunctional
church organ gave the phrase a new meaning.

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Photos: Chris Price

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