Justice and Peace

The National Justice and Peace Network (NJPN), founded in 1978, welcomes all who share a vision of a world in which people live in peace and harmony, where our common humanity is respected and all are able to contribute freely to the common good. Membership is open to all who share the vision, mission and values of the network. The ethos of the network is rooted in Catholic Social teaching but many J & P groups. as in Crosby, work ecumenically.

Vision:  the J&P Network, enlightened by the Gospel vision of God’s Kingdom, seeks a world in which:

* there is respect for the integrity of the whole of creation and for the dignity and freedom of every human being.
* people live in peace, without nuclear weapons or trade in arms, seeking non-violent ways of resolving conflict.
* all have access to food, clean water, shelter, health, education and a livelihood
* there is justice for those who at present have no land, are in debt or are enslaved by their work.
* development and the use of resources are sustainable.

In pursuit of this vision, Crosby Justice and Peace group have engaged in a number of actions, including campaigning during Fairtrade Fortnight, and collecting signatures for the current petition to world leaders to take strong measures to combat Climate Change. They send Christmas cards to prisoners of conscience, organise an Advent vigil for peace in Israel and Palestine and contribute to Crosby's Christian Aid street collection.

They would welcome members from other churches who are committed to the furtherance of a just and peaceful world.

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