Global Justice Now

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St Faith's Church supports the activities of Global Justice Merseyside, a regional group member of the national organisation Global Justice Now.

Originally founded as the World Development Movement in 1970 by aid agencies such as Oxfam and Christian Aid, and by churches, GJN campaigns to highlight the roots of poverty and the growing inequality of wealth and power between the richest and the poorest. It aims to raise public awareness  of corporations controlling vital resources and to secure access to essential resources for those that don't have it. Regional groups  support campaigns through actions in their local areas through public meetings, lobbying MPs and MEPs, letters to the press, and networking with other movements for change such as Friends of the Earth.

Global Justice Now was a co-founder of the Fairtrade Foundation, Jubilee 2000, the Trade Justice Movement and Make Poverty History. Currently along with other members of the NoTTIP coalition Global Justice Now is campaigning against TTIP, the proposed free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States. It argues that safety regulations, workers’ rights, environmental protection rules and food standards regulations are all threatened by TTIP.

Global Justice Now also considers climate change to be a climate justice issue and campaigns against the investment by large banks in fossil fuel extraction projects which impoverish communities in the Global South.

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