A selection from the 200 or more comments written in visitors' Book at the third St Faith's Christmas Tree Festival, December 4th - 10th, 2011


A lovely happy toy service ...     quite emotional ...    very atmospheric ...     wow! loved it all! ...     magical ...     everyone so welcoming – thank you ...     what a wonderful show of volunteering ...     wonderful idea – congrats! ...     excellent once again ...     very moving ...    fantastic display as always ...     absolutely gorgeous display ...     very good sight and sense of community ...    beautiful church, beautiful trees ...     got me started for Christmas ...     beautiful trees and a lot of thought  ...     good display and tasty cakes! ...     fantastic ...     lovely scones! ...     simply beautiful ...     excellent! beautiful trees ...     God bless ...     the school choirs were excellent ...     amazing seeing how people help others ...     lovely singing ...     as wonderful as ever – this has become our Christmas tradition ...     awesome ...    really gets you in the Christmas spirit ...     all most moving ...     lovely warm welcoming atmosphere ...     lovely carol service and band ...     so festive! ...     very moving – gave me hope for others ...     spirit of Christmas so well presented with many moving prayer messages ...     better each year, lovely ...     great jam! ...     brilliant, just brilliant! ...     wonderful concert – lovely to see so many folk supporting ...    hope it raises lots of money ...     what a lot of hard work! ...     so thoughtful ...     lovely biscuits ...     inspired – warm welcome and excellent charity involvement ...     lovely initiative ...     lots of hard work – well done! ...     nine toes – awesome! ...     moving to see so many here ...     exquisite trees ...     the children and I had a great time – the same next year please!

(P.S.: the 'nine toes' refers to the 'Rabbit Madonna' statue in our Lady Chapel...
sculpted with just four toes on one of the baby Jesus's feet!)


Some of the many inscriptions written on prayer cards to be attached to the Prayer Tree at the 2011 Christmas Tree Festival

Dear Lord, thankyou for my beautiful family. We miss you my lovely Daddy – watch over Mummy and our family, keep us safe ...     I pray for children who arn’t as lucky as I am and they have a lovely Christmas ...     To God, please Watch over my Grandad who died and my Great uncle who also died. Amen ...     I pray for my Grandad to get better and hopfully he will be able to talk Armen ...    Dear God please let my brother James see Christmas without Pain ...     Please pray for the people who don’t get to spend Christmas like we do or get preasents like we do and please let it snow on Christmas day thank you ...     Lord we thank you for life. Protect and comfort all women, children and young men who are trafficked ...     I love you God ...     dear god this is a wish that I want to tell you here it goes I wish that Jesus grose up strong and has a great life forever and ever ...     Dear God, I will be good boy and never be checky I’ll do what my mum says ...     To Grandpa I hoap you feel alright in heaven with out me love you so much ...     I hope that my granddad will get better as he has a bad case of memory loss. Please help him remember ...    Could you say a prayer for my cousin Arthur who is dying Lord ...     I pray for my dog to have a happy life!! ...     God please help my nanna Mai and Anti Marey and my god-mother because they are fab people ...     Pray for my friends and family hope they have a lovely Christmas. I pray that my Grandpa stays strong and healthy for many years to come ...     Dear God, I hope that you are looking after my great nanny Anne in heaven ...    Dear God, I pray that poverty and hunger will stop everywhere. I pray that you will keep me and my family safe. Also can I get my Xbox and Fifa 12. AMEN.

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