The Episcopal Visitation to St Faith's

On Sunday, November 16th, 2014, the four parishes of St Faith, St Mary the Virgin, Christ Church and St John were told of the lifting of the Episcopal Visitation, and the proposals for the immediate and longer term future of our churches. To read this very significant statement from the Bishop of Warrington, click

Our church magazine carried an article by  Revd Sue amplifying this statement, and giving up to date news about the implications of the ending of the visitation, as well as the current situation with regard to the repairs to our roof and our hopes for the future.  Read it

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Click on the links below to see the various statements and public announcements made in connection with the institution, in September 2013, of an episcopal visitation to St Faith's, Great Crosby. They are archived here for reference as part of the history of our church, but presented without commentary.

HERE is the announcement made by the Archdeacon of Liverpool in September 2013, including the appointment of Fr Paul Nener.

HERE is a statement from St Faith's outlining the events of the congregational meeting of 20th January, 2014, at which the visitation report was presented and the appointment of Rev. Sue Lucas was announced.

HERE is the announcement of the parish's response to the visitation report, a press statement and the consequent resignation of the churchwardens.