The Easter Vigil 2013

On the night of Holy Saturday - Easter Eve - we celebrated the moving rituals of the Easter Vigil,
moving from the darkness of Holy Week to the dawning of the great feast of the Resurrection.
Everyone assembles outside the church in the cold darkness of March 2013, as the paschal candle is lit from the new fire.
The sanctuary party, choir and congregation then move intoi church for the sequence of readings prescribed for this holy night.
At the symbolic moment, the Easter Proclamation is heard for the first time, the organ sounds joyfully
and bells (and even a triangle!) are rung, shaken and stirred. All the candles in church are lit,
and the paschal candle is borne to the font for the renewal of our baptismal vows and the sprinkling with holy water.
At the service end, it is time for a final blessing - and a welcome glass of bubbly to celebrate
the end of another memorable Holy Week and the coming of Easter.

Chris Price

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