John Schofield

Fourth Vicar of Saint Faith`s

John Schofield was inducted in February 1936 and three years later became the first actual Vicar of Saint Faith`s when Canon Sykes, Vicar of St. Mary`s, retired {he was the last incumbent of the original holders of office in the parishes from which Saint Faith`s was carved}. During his incumbency the number of services held increased, including at least one on every weekday. Numbers, however, slowly but steadily declined and the war years did present problems. Permission was granted for a Reserved Sacrament to be kept in the Lady Chapel in order to meet any local emergencies. A bomb fell a few feet from the north wall of the nave but it buried itself into the soft earth before blowing up; no structural damage was done externally and the only damage was to the floor and pews internally. Ill health forced him to be absent from services for long periods in 1947 and he officially resigned the living early in September 194 to take up a position at New Springs near Wigan. He lived only a further four years.

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