John Brierley

Third Vicar of Saint Faith`s

John Brierley, M.A. had been vicar of Greatham in County Durham and, like his predecessors could only come to Saint Faith`s as Priest in Charge. He steadily built upon the patterns established by those predecessors and congregations increased but there was still antagonism against the Anglo-Catholic movement. Somehow Canon Brierley got word that a group of “Orangemen” planned to disrupt one of his services and he organised all sidesmen and every possible male member of the congregation to be present and accompany the “Orangemen” into church in order to effectively separate them from each other. The group demonstration was stifled and the protest rather muted. Although he was a kind and honest man he was also autocratic and a priest of the old school. However, within Saint Faith`s he was much loved and turned a struggling, weakened parish into one with a distinctive identity and witness. His final service was on 29 Novem er 1935 when he left to become Rector of Wolverhampton.

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