The Tale of the Trees (and the Toys)
Part Two

Sunday, December 6th, 2009: the morning service 
At the 11.00 am all-age service Father Christmas paid a call and entertained the children with the real meaning of Christmas.
Many toys were brought up to the altar for passing on to Sefton Choices for the benefit of needy children of the borough this Christmas.
As usual at Parade services, children played a big part in the service, and everyone enjoyed dodging the 39 decorated trees
that awaited the opening session of the Christmas Tree Festival that was due to start in a couple of hours...



The Festival in action on Sunday and Monday

Margaret and her team worked through from the end of the service to the end of the day, finding plenty of last-minute things to do.
As we had hoped, people turned up in goodly numbers, at least for the first two sessions, and wondered at the trees, put money in the buckets,
bought food, drink and the assorted goodies in display and rested their feet in the warm sanctuary of the back of church.
The many kind and appreciative comments in the Tree Festival vistors' book bore witness to the success of this pioneering enterprise.



Scenes from the rest of the week

During the course of the week, several schools brought in groups of children to enjoy the spectacle,
which was universally admired by sunlight and when it got darker. People met and chatted, and much food was sold.
On Thursday Chesterfield High School rehearsed for their Christmas Concert that evening




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