The Tale of the Trees 

A picture diary of the days leading up to the opening of the December 2009
Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's, Great Crosby.

On the first day of Christmas (trees)...
Wednesday, December 2nd: the arrival
Forty trees are delivered and stacked by the font at the back of church.


Thursday, December 3rd: in position

During the day, the trees are positioned around the church, from the font to the High Altar, and in the side chapels.


Friday, December 4th: getting the decorators in

The first groups of sponsors start decking their trees (and the floor!) and festooning them with lights



Saturday, December 5th: nearly there now...!

Everyone piles in and fills the church with colour, light (and bits all over the floor...)


Tomorrow: The Toy Service in the morning... and the Tree Festival opening in the afternoon.
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