Tree Festival Tailpiece

Those who visited our Christmas Tree Festival during the first week in December 2012 often told us what they thought of the event, and it was good to hear so many appreciative comments.

A more permanent record was made by way of entries in the Visitors' Book at the door, and in a different way, by the prayers written by people young and old and hung on the Prayer Tree  in the Lady Chapel.

There were too many entries to quote them all, but the extracts below will serve as a fitting epilogue to a wonderful week. We thank God for many things: the money raised for so many good causes, the welcome extended and the thanks received, the chance to greet old friends and make new ones, the opportunity to serve our parish and our community and thus to be able to be the Church in action and at work in God's name in Cros

From the Visitors’ Book

‘Beautiful trees, soup and cake ... absolutely lovely – makes me reflect on how lucky I am - what a welcoming church ... I appreciated all the hard work ....absolutely delightful, will be back ... nice and warm, tasty cakes ... all the hard work shone through ... well done, lovely as always ... good luck with all the work you do and thank you ... must come back tomorrow with a friend ... back again for more cake! ... lovely idea! Really enjoyed beautiful trees and lovely carols ... such a good idea ... wonderful choirs ... a beautiful, thoughtful display ...  very uplifting ... thank you for all the work putting it together ... lovely service ... lovely start to Christmas ...  very festive and joyful ... wonderful to see this beautiful church brought to life. Thank you! ...  brings back memories ... choir sound lovely ... as good as ever ... fantastic idea, well done to all ... have enjoyed it - each year something new ...  very helpful trees, nice decorations ... James loved the golden tree and Anna loved the baby clothes tree! ... wonderful concert, excellent jam sale ... fantastic as always. Enjoyed all the singing and concerts ... really lovely festival – we come every year – thank you so much ... we thought it was brilliant ... a really warm welcome for a wonderful occasion ... fantastic welcome and fantastic trees ... amazing ... lovely festival, beautiful trees and lovely people helping for charity ... how very beautiful! A great idea and loved the opportunity for ‘low key’ meet and greet. I am going to tell people about it for next year. Thank you ... Wow!  (Jenny and Fr Michael Raynor, St Andrew’s, Orford!)

From the Prayer Tree

‘Dear God, thank you for guiding me through this life, giving me comfort, support and helping me learn, grow and be a better person. All my love, Sophie. Amen xx ... Lord please watch over the poor people and look after us  all please Amen ... To God Please make sure my nan is okay she is my world and my best friend thank you .... Pray for Maurice he has several problems, ears and dementia. God bless you thank you ... Please pray for my bronchitis that keeps coming back thank you and God Bless ...  For my dear Mum and Dad now safe in God’s keeping. Pray too for the few family members I have left and grant them good health. Amen ... For my beloved dog Chloe. May you forever be chased by Heidi until we meet again when we can be walking in heaven, you leading me. I will never forget you ...  Dear god you are really helpful and there for us always. Thankyou so so much for acshaly being there armen ...  Dear Lord My granma is missing Grandpa so so much, Please look after him in heaven. Please let us have a wonderful Christmas ... I wish Jesus will come back and comfort me again. I love God Amen ... Dear God, I pray for world peace and for this event to be successful ... God please look after my dead dog and gran-dad ... Please give my dad the strength to overcome his depression and my family and I the strength to support him through it ... I wish that my sister’s knee would get better, from Tommy ... Please pray for my gran in Scotland because she has a very bad hip and she only lives with her dog so it may be lonely thank you ... Dear God please make my nan feel better and I hope all my pets are safe and could you make my grandpa remember me ... Dear Lord, We give you thanks for all new babies this Christmas. Pray especially for the safe arrival of Catherine and Sean’s baby next June. Please can it be a boy. AMEN ... Dear Jesus, I pray for my Poppa in heaven who has died. I pray for my grandma who I love and want to be happy, sharing laughter with her family ... Remember before God those who are homeless in this bitterly cold weather ... I wish theat Jeysis was God love HANNAH. Amen.’

All of us who scanned the pages of the Visitors’ Book were struck as always by the warm and appreciative nature of every comment – as well as by those who were discovering our existence for the first time. It is so good to be serving our parish and people in this way to and to be able to feel that we are meeting a need. And to read the outpourings of prayer hung on the Prayer Tree in the Lady Chapel was likewise to be moved and humbled beyond measure.

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