The Tail of the Trees!
Sunday, December 13th, was clearing up day. Margaret and Maureen, mainstays of this epic event, had posed previously with the OPEN notice.
But we were of course closed, and after the morning Sung Eucharist these hard-working ladies were presented with gifts in appreciation of their efforts.
There was just time then in a sunlit church to take a final look at the brilliant displays before the dismantling began.
Sponsors removed their decorations and literature, and the trees (apart from a few which were removed, decorations and all, to other locations)
were carted bodily outside to where Mike, armed with ferocious inmplements, reduced them to compostable size.
All that remained was the task of sweeping up vast quantities of pine needles!


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 And yes, there will be a Christmas Tree Festival in 2010: every sponsor wanted there to be one,
and quite a few new people and groups wanted to be added to the list!

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