The Tales of the Trees

The index page to nine years of Christmas Tree Festivals at St Faith's Church, Great Crosby

The beginning of what was to become a highlight of our church's year was a meeting in 2009 of clergy and laity, to discuss possible schemes to reach out to our parish and community and thus try to fulfil our mission. Margaret Houghton, then church warden, put forward the Tree Festival concept, unfamiliar to most of us present, and it was agreed to give it a tentative go that December (especially as she was willing to organise it, as she did until 2014, bless her!). The rest, as they say, is history. Each year we have welcomed steadily growing numbers of visitors to our church, bedecked with 40 or so living trees, each adorned and illuminated by their respective charities - church, community and individuals - inviting contributions. Entry has always been free, with refreshments, preserves and gifts on sale, and of course the main purpose of the event, an opportunity to donate to the many excellent causes on display. From 2015, the principal organiser of the Festival was Gareth Griffiths, rightly self-styled Tree Meister, aided and abetted by a team of faithful acolytes. In 2018 the mantle of organising the event passed to Rick and Rosemary Walker as the Festival entered its tenth year.

The festivals have succeeded beyond anything we could have imagined, raising many thousands of pounds for sponsoring charities and church funds. Through words and pictures, each link, with its sub-pages likewise linked, tells the story of these busy, absorbing and wonderful events. You are invited to share in the Tales of the Trees.

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