St Faith's Christmas Tree Festival 2015

The Tree Master's Thanks

This year’s Christmas Tree Festival is well and truly over. The money has been counted and banked, the pine needles swept up, well mostly and the trees removed, though there are still a few orphaned trees huddled together in a corner of the churchyard. Apart from a very useful amount of money raised for the church, all we have left are the memories, of the happy laughter and songs from the visiting children, the toe-tapping music of the Vikings skiffle group, the mellifluous harmonies of the Wayfarers, the bold sounds of the Lancashire Artillery Volunteer Band and the swing of the Swing Band from M.T.S and lastly, but by no means least, Mike Foy with his very gifted choir and  we also had the delicious aromas of the dish of the day. There were of course some disappointments: my interview on Radio Merseyside was not the launchpad for a show biz career that I was hoping for. Brenda tells me not to give up because I have the perfect face for radio.

I think in retrospect my strongest and happiest memories are of the cheerful and enthusiastic way the people of St Faith’s pulled together and worked so very hard to make the event a success, particularly when you consider that most of us are pensioners, some of us pensioners+  and others pensioners++  - yet whether it was the catering team or the jam factory, the cake makers, the craft stallers and stewards, the humble dish washers, people worked in a manner that would have done credit to 30-year-olds. I feel proud and honoured to be a member of this church and want to say a HUGE thank you to you all.

Gareth Griffiths
- your 2015 Tree Master.

Gareth and Brenda must undoubtedly head the list of those deserving thanks and congratulations for the undoubted success of the 7th annual Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's, not least for their gallant taking over the reins from Margaret Houghton, Tree Mistress for the six previous years. The week once again saw St  Faith's at its very best - the church community getting together to serve the wider community outside our walls, to the glory and praise of God.

There was a brief time last year when it wasn't certain that we would  have a Tree Festival at all in 2015. Now we are looking forward to the 8th annual extravaganza in 2016!   Watch this space (but not jut yet - we're still recovering...)

To recall the events of last December, click on the link at the foot of this page, where you will find links to galleries of photos (and a few words) from the week, as well as archived records of all the previous years. To round it all off until next December, here are a few of the many warm and appreciative comments recorded in our visitors' book.

Fabulous as usual ... see you next year! ...  great experience enjoyed by all the children of Waterloo Primary School ... what a lovely idea ... humbling but lovely ... always a delight ... beautiful and very emotive ... God bless you all ... one of my favourite festive things ... we want to be members, love it every time we come here ... so thought provoking ... wonderful music, thank you ... fabulous - well done St Faith's! ... great atmosphere ...  as always very moving ... very humbling as ever ... food excellent ... lovely to feel and see peace in my heart ... illuminating! ... great cafe ... so welcoming ... delightful, what a treat, thank you! ... pleasure to be back - great place for St Nicholas Singers to sing ... I love it!!                                                              

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