St Faith's Christmas Tree Festival
. DIARY 2014 .

  This is the seventh and last page of the illustrated record of the 2014 Christmas Tree Festival

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Sunday, 7th December

The trees were still in place for the Sunday morning service, but the lights were out and, as soon as worship was over, the clearance began.
Sponsors stripped their trees of lights, baubles and assorted hangings, and quite a few of them took their trees away for use elsewhere.
A squad of home team sweepers did what they do best, or paused in front of the newly-installed and decorated Christmas Tree proper.
As we waved goodbye to de[parting trees, it was almost time to reflect on a marvellous week of community service, charity support, and fellowship.

  Photos: Chris Price

Epilogue: what some of our visitors wrote...

Beautiful display – church looks lovely

Wonderful as always
First visit – great! Will come back next year
Loved it – Indigo Vibe and the Florentines
Lovely afternoon in fantastic church
Most enjoyable – feel like Christmas now
What a lovely idea – beautiful
Nice lunch and seeing people I know
Lots of hard work by very caring people
What a lovely warm atmosphere
Very beautiful display and all for good causes. Praying for God’s blessing on you
First time here – really inspiring
So moving and beautiful
Gorgeous as ever
Very inspiring – makes me appreciate the voluntary sector
Gets better every year
Wonderful to  see so many worthy causes – a beautiful visual display is a bonus!
Memorable carol service – superb!
A very good departure – interested customer
Quickly becoming  a family tradition. Always so beautiful
Can’t wait to be blessed in this lovely church
A great as ever - a lovely Advent tradition
Every year gets better, all so deserving
So enjoyed the community of the church and whole experience
The jazz orchestra was excellent and the trees and refreshments
Lovely displays in a beautiful church
Brilliant and beautiful – looking forward to next year
Brilliant! Creative and heart-warming!




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