St Faith's Christmas Tree Festival
. DIARY 2014 .

  This is the sixth page of the illustrated record of the 2014 Christmas Tree Festival

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Friday and Saturday, 5th and 6th December

By Friday the prayer tree in the chancel was filling up as usual.
Elsewhere Ruth, Audrey and the Seneviratne tribe were at their stalls around the church.

Then on Saturday, for the final session of the 2014 festival, we were entertained in toe-tapping style by the boys of Merchant Taylor's Jazz group,
who gave us a splendid sequence of carols  jazzed-up for the occasion, with the son of a well-known local female cleric on the drums.
As the afternoon wore on, our visitors were, as throughout the week, able to eat light lunches and afternoon tea at the back of church.

Our Director of Music, Robert, posed for his picture after tickling the ivories, admired by Annie, our much-loved accompanist
 - and Margaret is seen winding down (!) at the street organ during the last hours of the week's sessions.


Photos: Chris Price
The final diary entry, from clean-up Sunday coming soon... 

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