Pages of pictures by our paparazzi illustrating the 10th Annual Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's Great Crosby.

Chapter One - Making All Things Ready

The pattern of events is familiar. The arrival of the shrouded trees proclaims that Christmas is coming, even though Advent has yet to arrive.
The St Faith's Cubs come into their own as they, with a little adult assistance, put in place the usual infrastructure,
position the trees and make all ready for the army of adorners and light-bearers who will be decorating their chosen tree and charity in time for Advent Sunday.
They pose for a group picture and enjoy a sleepover in the church hall, before the Advent Sunday morning Toy Service
(where gifts for local needy children are gladly received), the lighting of the first Advent Candle  and Church Parade
lead into the beginning of the Christmas Tree Festival week at St Faith's.