The Tale of the Trees
- the final chapter

Images of the last two days of a busy and eventful week

With the prayer tree in the foreground, boys from Merchant Taylors' School give the final performances of a week of school visits

Refreshment ladies and a sales lady smile for the camera - doubtless happy that the end is near.

The other sales outlets are still attracting browsers and buyers

At closing time it's down on hands and knees to empty the buckets

Then it all has to be bagged up and checked again...

Next morning the trees are still in place as Revd Denise baptises her grandson at the morning service

... and are the backdrop as organiser Margaret Houghton is thanked by Fr Neil at the end of the service

Finally, later that afternoon,. the trees are stripped and carted away...

... leaving the task of sweeping up the pine needles!

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