Traumatizer Terror!
‘Nearer, my God, to thee’?

When St Faith’s was thinking about raising money to buy a Bouncy Castle, someone jokingly suggested that Fr Neil Kelley could be sponsored for a ride on the fearsome Traumatizer at Southport Fun Fair. In a rash moment, the Vicar agreed, and on Saturday, October 10th, he was as good as his word.

Together with two other adults and several children, and watched by a good crowd of St Faith’s people from the safety of the ground, the intrepid crew experienced their unique version of Ascension Day. This particular sort of Big Dipper climbs to a terrifying height before whirling its occupants at speeds of over 60 mph round corners and up and over, at times suspending its victims upside down, before returning them, shaken and stirred, to terra firma. The experience is then repeated twice.

The shrieks of pure pleasure, and any involuntary extra-liturgical exclamations, were mostly carried away by the wind. Everyone managed to hold on to their teeth and glasses, not to mention their breakfasts, and emerged smiling, triumphant and greatly relieved. The incontinence pad thoughtfully provided by Mrs Margaret Goodrich, wife of a previous incumbent, was thankfully not needed. The money raised was more than enough to pay for the Bouncy Castle, which will provide more sedate thrills when it is installed in the Vicarage garden. Any surplus funds will go towards
equipment for use in future Holiday Clubs.

Our pictures show highlights of the event, taken safely at ground level by Chris Price and Denis Griffiths. It is not hard to see how greatly Fr Neil enjoyed the ups and downs of the day…


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