Bishop on Parade

Sunday, 6th December was lots of things at St Faith's.
It was a parade service. It was a toy service. It was the feast of St Nicholas.
It was the launch day for our seventh annual Christmas Tree Festival
And it saw the installation of the Bishop of Waterloo.

The parade bit needs little explanation - our faithful uniformed organisations attended and took part.
The toy service has been taking place for some years - we donate toys to be distributed to local families in need.
And the Christmas Tree Festival is another well-established St Faith's tradition, recorded and reported in previous and successive pages of this sequence.
But a child bishop is something new. Follow the link at the foot of this page, where Sue explains the background and the concept.
The pictures tell the story of a splendid and celebratory morning, which ended with a beginning,
as the curtains opened on a week of light, fellowship, refreshment and outreach to the parish and beyond.
Kirsty was the star of the show: the 'Bishop of Waterloo' was a wonderful innovation who pontificated as if to the manner born.


Sue explains the background  to today's episcopal installation