The Tale of the Trees 2013
...wherein is recorded the daily events at the fifth St Faith's Christmas Tree Festival,
with retrospective and archive links below

Tuesday, November 26th: The trees are delivered and sit, shrouded and somewhat spooky, by the font, awaiting their positioning and bedecking.



Thursday November 28th.  Thanks to the sterling efforts of Akela and his young leaders, the boards and tables are positioned round the church,
the furnishings stowed away to make space for everything, the trees are put in place - and the collection buckets are made ready!
The Advent candle stand is ready for Sunday, and the High Altar reredos glows above the trees awaiting their decorations on the Nave Altar platform.

Friday November 29th  The first of two days of decorating the trees.
Those who have sponsored trees strew them with lights, baubles and assorted streamers and the like,
some in the colours of their chosen charity, others with photographs and other mementos


Photos: Chris Price
Saturday November 30th  The second day of making ready saw the remaining trees adorned by decorators young and old.
The ladies of St Faith's Jam Factory posed with some 300 jars of home-made preserves, boss lady Margaret Houghton posed with
her colourful arrays of assorted home-made sales items - and at the end of the day the first of several sweeping-up sessions is poised to begin.
Tomorrow will see the Advent Toy Service, the first concert and an ecumenical carol service on the first day of opening.
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