The Stations of the Cross

Stations 11, 12, 13 and 14

For an explanation of the history and significance of this very special Lenten devotion, you are invited to follow this link, which also pictures the fourteen striking woven panels, designed by Sister Anthony of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral, and worked by members of our congregation.


Jesus is nailed to the cross

As they threw Jesus on the cross,
he willingly allowed himself to be nailed. 
As they punctured his hands and his feet 
I felt the pain in my heart. 
Then they lifted up the cross. 
There he was, my son, whom I love so much, 
being scorned as he struggled 
for the last few moments of earthly life. 
But I knew this had to be, 
so I stood by and prayed silently.

what pain you endured for me.
And what pain your mother went through, 
seeing her only son die for love of me! 
Yet, both you and she are ready to forgive me
as soon as I repent of my sin. 
Help me, Lord,
to turn away from my sinfulness.




Jesus dies on the cross

What greater pain is there for a mother
than to see her son die right before her eyes! 
I, who had brought this saviour into the world 
and watched him grow, stood helplessly 
beneath his cross as he lowered his head and died.
His earthly anguish was finished, 
but mine was greater than ever. 
Yet, this had to be and I had to accept it,
so I stood by and I mourned silently.

My Jesus,
have mercy on me
for what my sins have done to you and to others.
I thank you for your great act of love. 
You have said that true love 
is laying down your life for your friends.
Let me always be your friend. 
Teach me to live my life for others, 
and not fail you again



Jesus is taken from the cross

The crowd had gone;
the noise had stopped.
I stood quietly with one of Jesus' friends 
and looked up at the dead body 
of our saviour, my son.
Then two men took the body from the cross 
and placed it in my arms. 
A deep sorrow engulfed my being. 
Yet, I also felt deep joy.
Life had ended cruelly for my son,
but it had also brought life to all of us.
I knew this had to be, and I prayed silently

Lord, your passion has ended.
Yet, it still goes on
whenever I choose sin over you.
I have done my part in your crucifixion 
and now, my saviour,
I beg your forgiveness with all my heart. 
Help me to live a life worthy of you and your mother.



Jesus is placed in the tomb

We brought Jesus' body to a tomb
and I arranged it there myself, 
silently weeping, silently rejoicing.
I took one more look at my loving son, 
and then walked out. 
They closed the tomb and before I left, 
I thought, I knew this had to be... 
it had to be for you! 
I would wait in faith silently.

Yes, my Lord,
this had to be because you love me, 
and for no other reason.
All you ask is that I live a good life. 
You never said such a life would be easy.
I am willing to leave sin behind and live for you alone, in my brothers and sisters.

 Richard Furey


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