The Stations of the Cross

Stations 4, 5 and 6

For an explanation of the history and significance of this very special Lenten devotion, you are invited to follow this link, which also pictures the fourteen striking woven panels, designed by Sister Anthony of Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral, and worked by members of our congregation.


Jesus meets his grieving mother

I had managed to break through the crowd 
and was walking side by side with my son.
I called to him through the shouting voices. 
He stopped.
Our eyes met,
mine full of tears of anguish, 
his full of' pain and confusion. 
I felt helpless;
then his eyes said to me,
"Courage! There is a purpose for this. 
As he stumbled on, I knew he was right. 
So I followed and prayed silently.

Lord Jesus,
forgive me the many times
our eyes met and I turned mine away. 
Forgive me the times 
things did not go my way 
and I let everyone know about it. 
Forgive me the times 
I brooded over little inconveniences 
or became discouraged
and did not heed your call to courage! 
Yes, Lord, our eyes have met many times,
but fruitlessly.




Simon helps Jesus carry his cross

I could now see almost complete helplessness 
on the face of my son
as he tried to carry his heavy load.
Each step looked as if it would be his last. 
I felt his every pain in my heart 
and I wanted the whole thing to end.
Then I noticed some commotion near Jesus. 
The guards had pulled a protesting man from the crowd.
They forced him to pick up the back of the cross 
to help lighten my son's load. 
He asked the guards why this had to be. 
I knew,
and so followed silently.

Lord Jesus,
I have many times
refused to help you.
I have been a selfish person
who has often questioned your word. 
Don't let me remain like Simon,
but help me to be like your mother, Mary,
who always followed silently and obeyed.



Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

As I continued close by Jesus,
a woman pushed past the guards, 
took off her veil
and began to wipe my son's sweating, bloody face. 
The guards immediately pulled her back. 
Her face seemed to say,
"Why are you doing this to him?" 
I knew,
so I walked on in faith, silently.

this woman gave you the best she could. 
On the other hand,
I have wanted to take more than I give. 
So many opportunities arise every day 
for me to give to you by giving to others 
but I pass them by. 
My saviour,
never let me ask why again,
but help me to give all I have to you.



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