Some took refuge in the vicarage garden, while the music played. Others were busy...

Making a Splash at the

Mid-afternoon on Saturday, May 5th, 2012, and it was time for more entertainment.
Fr Neil, fresh from a wedding down the road, braved the bombardment of wet sponges.
To show their appreciation of his last appearance here in the stocks, friends and strangers
(and at least one eager cleric) took turns to anoint Fr Neil.

The local police turned up to show off their police dogs and demonstrate their sniffing-out skills,
and almost disappeared beneath children crowding round to stroke them (the dogs, that is).

Finally, as the afternoon drew to a close and the sold-out stalls were packing up, Akela's
hard-working boys and girls were allowed to queue up for a free shy at their beloved leader.
Both he and the vicar were strangely unappreciative of the nice warm water we had provided...

Words and pictures by Chris Price

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