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The South Aisle

The stained glass windows in the south aisle date from the 1920s and 1930s and all are the work of James Powell and Sons, of London, the concern entrusted with the windows for Liverpool Cathedral. The windows bear, in the bottom right hand corner, the small robed figure that is the trademark of Whitefriars glass.

The window closest to the Lady Chapel depicts the Venerable Bede and commemorates the life of James Jones, a former chorister who died in 1924. The haloed figure is of a purple-hooded monk, standing on green foliage. He wears a knotted rope from which is suspended a crucifix; in his left hand he holds an open book which bears the legend In the Beginning. The figure also has a portable inkpot suspended from his rope belt and a large quill pen. The dedication of the window is To the glory of God and in memory of James Jones, for 37 years Head Master of St Philip`s School Litherland and for 10 years chorister in this church, who passed beyond the Veil 4 January 1924. This window is given by his friends. R.I.P.

The second window features St Benedict Biscop, this bearing the dedication legend: To James Walthew Waugh who for 9 years was organist of this church and who was called to higher service on 2 July 1924. The window was given by some of those whose devotions he had aided. The figure is robed variously in purple, red, blue, gold and yellow and he stands upon green foliage. The long-haired figure wears a Bishop`s mitre, has his right hand raised in blessing and in the other holds a bound book and a long crosier. 

The third window depicts Saint Oswald and bears the dedication legend To the glory of God and in memory of Herbert William Cockett, Missionary Priest, who passed to higher service in Matope, Nyasaland, 19 November 1936. Assistant Curate at St. Faith`s 1931-1933. This window was given by his friends. R.I.P. The figure is crowned and armed, bearing a blue shield with a cross on his left arm and holding a sword in his right hand. He is bare-legged with cross-gartered yellow footwear. Nyasaland is now known as Malawi.

The fourth window from the Lady Chapel is of St Hilda. The haloed figure is clothed in a hooded blue-grey gown with white cloak and she wears a crown. A gold crucifix hangs around her neck. In her left hand she grasps a book, probably a Bible whilst in her right hand she holds a long crosier. The window is dedicated to T.H. Baxter, the first Vicar of St. Faith's and bears the dedication: To the Glory of God & the memory of Thomas Howe Baxter first Vicar of this Church (1900 to 1915) who passed from this life 9th May 1926, this window is given by those who loved him. R.I.P.

The fifth window carries the same dedication legend to T.H. Baxter as the fourth window and depicts Saint Wilfrid wearing a red, purple and gold vestment over a white inner garment. Around his head is a halo and he wears a bishop`s mitre. In his right hand he carries a book and in his left holds a long crosier.

The sixth window depicts Saint Anne and is dedicated to Joanna Brierley, mother of Canon John Brierley, the third Vicar at St. Faith`s. The black hooded figure wears a white cloak over a purple robe; the stern face is that of an elderly woman, she is haloed and has outstretched hands. She stands amongst green foliage which contains distinct red and yellow flowers. The window bears the legend: To the Glory of God & in memory of Joanna Brierley for many years a worshipper in this Church who passed to the Life beyond 4 April 1937. This window was given by her son the third vicar of St Faith`s in thanksgiving for her life and example.

The seventh window, next to the south porch, depicts The Son of God and is also dedicated to a member of the Brierley family, the legend being: To the Glory of God and in memory of John Michael Brierley, a server in this Church, who passed to the Nearer Presence of God 3 February 1937, aged 10 years. This window was given by his parents in abiding remembrance of his sweet life on earth. The figure is that of a conventional boy Jesus with golden hair and gold trimmed white robe. A large lamb at his side has its head turned towards the boy. The boy stands in a green field containing red daisies and white arum lilies. The sky is blue and there are two doves, one flying into the border of the window. Above his head there is a yellow and white IHS monogram in the centre of a stylised cross.

Two memorial plaques adorn the wall in the south aisle of the church. One of these is dedicated to the memory of Joseph Bell, Chief Engineer aboard the famous liner 'Titanic' which foundered in 1912. The Bell family worshipped at Saint Faith`s. Information about Joesph Bell and the 'Titanic' may be accessed via this link. The other plaque is dedicated to a local doctor, William Gay, who served the church as warden between 1903 and 1910.