'Fun in Space'
The 2009 Children's Holiday Club at St Mary's

Another action-packed five days of activities marked
the 2009 July Children's Holiday Club at St Mary's Church.

The theme was SPACE and the children spent the week in groups: Rockets, Martians, UFOs and Stars.
There were visits to the Liverpool World Musuem, with a special presentation at the Planetarium,
to Jodrell Bank and to Walton Hall Park in Warrington.
The week ended with a presentation service in Church and an evening disco.

Photographs by Adam Waggott and Beth Barrett

After the pictures... scroll down for the Space Diaries!

The Space Diaries....!

Monday 27 July

In the morning we all desiegned a space ship to glue on to a big brown bag to put everything that we made at holiday club in. then beth was making a alien badge for us all. Before that we were all given a pice of modiling clay to make something to do with space. I made Jupiter with the skintone ring around it. Then we had our lunch. After  lunch we went to the Grass Field to do some races like egg & Spoon race Jump in sack and with the Parishoot. Before we went to the field the british transport plioce came to talk to us about how to keep safe on rail ways and that’s the end of our day.

By Kirsty Anne (Martian)

Tuesday 28 July

Today we made paper mache and with the paper mache we made planets for example Saturn and Jupiter. The we had some fruit and a drink. After our fruit we did work in our space work books and we had a chatt. The we had our lunch  and then we were ready to go to the museum and look at all the different floors. Then we went to the planaterium to watch the winter night sky. Then we went to a room with rockets in then we went down to the gift shop and bought somethink and then we got on the coach and went home.

By Erin  (UFO’s)

Wednesday 29th July

Today I have made a magnit. And after that I made a bit of my pupet.  A bit later I helped Charlotte make a astronort. And then I thinight my pupit off. And after that I wrote this.

Lydia (Rockets)

Thursday 30th July

Today I done a little picher it was a chungle then  I went to help Ken billed a Sand Sculpture then I painted my Alien his hed fel of. I painted it red and then we sat on the Carpet and listend and We had……. Chocolatate Fountain and we diped Froot in it and et it.


Friday 31st July

In the morning we waited to spray-paint our paper-machie. After that we painted our glasses. Next some of us needed to add extra colour to their planets. Then we did a bit of our workbooks before doing our crown then we had lunch.

We had a service all about space because that has been our theem all week. First we sang a song called, “He’s got the whole world”. I loved singing it. After that each group took a turn to a little presentatin. Next we said lots of prayers to God. Then we put some incens into the font to symbulys our prayers rising to God. Finnily we sang another song but this time it was much more fun because it had actions. Lastly we went home!

Anon (Stars)

We had a barbeque with a disco. At the disco there was little cars to ride on. I had a go on one and it was brilliant! After that we had a game where everyone dances and when the music stops you have to sit down. The last one to sit down is out. After the game we have our barbaque. We had bergers and sosauges which where very yummy! Finally we had a game of Limbo and we all won a balloon. Lastly we went home. What a fun holiday club week it has been!

Caitlin (Martian)

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