The 2016 Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's
Skiffling and Sweeping Up

The final musical offering of the 2016 Festival was provided by the Vikings Skiffle Group.

On Friday, December 2nd th
ey followed the St Nicholas Singers (click on the 'Singalongs' link below to see them again)
and gave us a foot-tapping set of old favourites suited to the memories of many of us present (Lonnie Donnegan, eat your heart out!).
After a final open session the next day, it was time for the odd celebratory drink or cuddle before stripping the trees and sweeping everything up, 
and reflecting on an exhausting but marvellous week in which the family of St Faith's opened up to the community
and they came in to see us at what we hope was our best. A demanding year for St Faith's was ending on a high, thanks be to God.

Less than a year now to the 2017 Christmas Tree Festival!
(Who said that? Wash your mouth out!)


Tree Meister Gareth Griffiths looks back

Here we are, St Faith’s 8th Christmas Tree Festival is over and apart from a handful of trees awaiting collection and a good scattering of pine needles,
which we will be brushing up until Easter, the church is back to normal. The trees and the parties of school children gone, it seems rather empty and quiet.
I am by nature a glass half empty man and so I am delighted to report that this year has been a success and we have increased our profits by 10%.
It was so tiring for me watching our teams of dedicated volunteers, the catering team, the Stewards,” The Jam Factory”,
 Pre-loved stall, soft toys and rented tables arranged by Rosie.

Our visitors were once again very complimentary about the church, the display of trees and the food.

For me the high point of the week was the Carol Concert on Wednesday night with the Military Band.
It was wonderful to see our church so full of people, heartily singing to the striking music.
  I was reminded of the time I lived in Germany, accompanying my landlady to Midnight Mass,
the children of the village had rehearsed and sang “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, in English especially for me. I cried but felt so accepted.

For me the best memories of the week are of everyone working together, pulling in the same direction;
just about everybody helped or contributed in some way, gave their time, shopped, cooked, gave raffle prizes, served on the stalls, washed up,
thanks Chris (D!), sold raffle tickets, greeted people, served food, shopped planned organised or just supported and came
and ate the delicious “Daily Menu” (Thank you Fr Dennis)

I thank you all, I am proud to be a part of St Faith’s

Suggested captions:
'Glass half empty'
'Can't wait for next year
  See you in 2017.

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