Sounds of Saint Faith`s

Favourite Hymns

The Congregation and Choir

Hymns included in this selection are sung by the congregation and choir, and were sung at normal Sunday services which were broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Palm Sunday 1982 and BBC Radio 4 on 25 January 1987. Although these services were held some time ago the hymns remain firm favourites at Saint Faith`s.

As these are wave files, and so rather large, only the first verse or the first two verses are used.

File Length
Ride on, ride on in majesty 551kb
Draw nigh to thy Jerusalem 377kb
My song is love unknown 391kb
My God I love thee 507kb
When I survey the wondrous Cross 401kb
Drop, drop slow tears 540kb
The Royal banners forward go 289kb
For all the Saints 365kb
O Thou who at thy Eucharist didst pray 490kb
God of grace and God of glory 468kb

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