Happy Holiday Club

The first of two pages of images from the recent St Faith's August 2010 Children's Holiday Club

At the Club week, children aged 5 to 10 were treated to a theme of food and healthy eating. 
Many different foods from around the world were tasted and the children also
had a “cooking” day when they very successfully made their own lunches! 
Outings included a sports day on the Merchant Taylors’ school field,
fun and games at the local fire station and a visit to Greenacres Farm in Deeside. 
On Friday, John Harding mesmerised the children with his magic
and as at St. Mary’s, the week concluded with a service,
presentation of work to parents followed by a disco and barbecue.

The events were generously supported by Sefton Council
and our Church is indebted to Merchant Taylors’ School, Crosby
and Waterloo Fire Station and all of the volunteers
who willingly gave their time to give a lot of children a wonderful week.  

Photos: Peter Connolly and Joy Roderick

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