'A Bug's Life...'

The Crosby Creepy Crawly Club 2007

The theme of this year's Saint Faith's Holiday Club was 'Creepy Crawlies'!
Forty or more children from the church and the parish (there was, as usual, a waiting list!) came to the Church Hall for the week beginning on Monday, July 30th, for five days of activity in the Hall,  the Vicarage garden and on days out and about.

They were divided into three groups according to age, and were either Worms, Caterpillars of Ladybirds for the week. In their groups, they made things, learnt about things, looked for things and, opf course, ate and drank a lot. Chris Price's pictures from the first day show the groups - and their hard-working teachers and helpers - in action, and being talked to about healthy eating  by the man from Wairose, who kindly provided assorted fruit samples to scoff.

The rest of the week was to feature trips to a museum in Liverpool and a farm in Oswestry, with a church service and a barbecue to round it all off.

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