'And on the Last Day...'

... even pirates go to church!

Friday August 1st was the final day of the 2008 St Faith's Children's Holiday Club.

The  morning was spent in a final burst of group activities, getting everything ready
for the church service in the afternoon.

Eah group prepared a short presentation to be shown in the course of the service
to parents and friends, and of course to each other.

St Faith's was decked out as a pirate lair, including a parrot in the pulpit
(he couldn't even say 'Pieces of Eight', let alone preach a sermon!)

Two pirates read the lesson, then each group sang their songs
and paraded their presentation - including a pirate ship on wheels!

Then everyone posed for a group photo, with a banner marking the generous sponsorship
of Waitrose in Formby
(suppliers of barbecue food for later on!)
and it was time for a final holy action song before  everyone left church,

and got ready for the fun and games  in the evening. We all hoped it would stay fine!


Photos: Chris Price

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