Saint Faith in the Asylum
A Sanctuary for Pigeons

These evocative pictures are reproduced by courtesy of MARK DAVIES.
They show all too clearly the sad state of the Stanley Royd Hospital Chapel,
dedicated to St Faith. The hospital complex to which it was attached
- originally the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum - has now
 been converted to housing: the chapel itself has been advertised for sale.
The insignia in the top picture are unexplained, but have a Masonic look about them.
The other pictures show details of the stained glass, miraculously intact,
and bearing images of medical and other staff and of patients, together with a
photographic record of the state of the organ, pews and other remaining
furnishings of this once fine church.

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wesbite context, and to acccess pictures of the hospital itself, and links to its history


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