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St Faith's Summer
Saturday Concerts

14th April    The Leonora Clarinet Trio
21st April   The G-Force Community Gospel Choir

28th April   The Cantilena Singers
5th May   Merchant Taylors’ School Woodwind Ensemble
                    (more music during the afternoon as part of our Spring Fair entertainment)

12th May    Michael Foy (organ)
19th May    Liverpool Festival Choir
26th May   Geoffrey Murdin ('cello) and David Holroyd (piano)
2nd June    Isobel Jenkins (mezzo-soprano) and guest accompanist
9th June    Melanie Harvey (violin) and Neil Kelley (piano)

16th June   Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School Choir
23rd June   Melanie Harvey (violin), Gregor Cuff ('cello), Neil Kelley (piano) 
th June    Liverpool Youth Orchestra (strings and woodwind)

7th July Ian Dunning (baritone) and Ann Dickinson MBE (piano)
14th July   Stuart O'Hara (baritone) and David Holroyd (pianoi)
21st July   The Fidelio Wind Ensemble

28th July    Daniel Rathbone organ)
4th August    Helen Schilsky (viola) and Simon Reynolds (piano)
11th August   The Rising Bridge String Trio
18th August  Daniel Rathbone (organ)  (series finale!)
25th August

The church is open on Saturdays from 11.00 am - 1.00 pm throughout the series, 
following the 10.30 am celebration of the Eucharist.

Concerts begin at 12 noon, and last between half to three quarters of an hour.
Light refreshments (filled rolls, tea, coffee etc) are on sale.

Admission to church and the concerts is free
of charge,
with a retiring collection
towards the expenses of the series.