The Runcie Window

The new window at St Faith`s is dedicated to the memory of Lord Runcie  and in thanksgiving for the many people, like Robert Runcie, who found their vocation to the sacred priesthood in Saint Faith’s. The window is located at the south entrance porch, the only one now used, and it catches the sun in the late afternoon and evening.

The new window was designed and made by Linda Walton of Design Lights Stained Glass from ideas suggested by members of Saint Faith’s. It incorporates buildings, crests and insignia of places and events associated with Lord Runcie, including a reference to his pig-breeding hobby! The text links his memory with all who in the past century found their vocation or served as priests here. The window has been entirely funded by the contributions of past and present members of Saint Faith’s who value the memory and service of Robert Runcie: we thank them all for their generosity.

The window was dedicated by the Bishop of Liverpool, Dr James Jones, during a Festal Evensong and Benediction on 15th May 2002. 

The pig emblem may be seen at the bottom right of the window indicating Lord Runcie`s interest in pig breeding.


The Bishop of Liverpool, the clergy of St Faiths, choir and servers outside the church after the service of dedication.

The Bishop of Liverpool dedicates the Runcie Window.

The Bishop of Liverpool and the Runcie Window.

Linda Walton and assistant after installation of the window.