For the archives......the text of the programme for the 2009 pantomime.

The United Benefice Dramatic Society
St Faith’s Church, Great Crosby 
St Mary the Virgin, Waterloo Park



A Pantomime in St Mary’s Church Hall, Waterloo Park

Wednesday 18th  February – Sunday 22nd  February 2009

CHARACTERS in order of appearance

Wendy Miller The Miller’s daughter   Grace Walsh
Sonny Miller The Miller’s son – a simple country yokel   Laura Hensen
Windy Miller  A simple country yokel   Linda Hensen
Little Ronnie The King’s ineffective cockney bodyguard   Elizabeth McFadyen
Little Reggie  Another ineffective cockney bodyguard   Chelsea Jones
King of Blundell-le-Sands  Notorious King   Phil Jones
Sherry Darling  Landlady of The King’s Head  Sarah Evison
Stanley Park  A patron of The King’s Head   Graham McFadyen
Granny Stiltskin  Rumpel’s Granny and Dame   Leo Appleton
Prince Rupert  The King’s son and heir   Zoe Taylor
Rumpelstiltskin  A greedy dwarf   Emily Skinner
Sherlock Holmes  A famous detective  Margaret Davies
Dr Watson  Friend of Sherlock Holmes  Sue Schofield

Hartley Hare  Josie Appleton
Terry the Tortoise  Emma Foy
Joe the Crow  Hayley Holloway
Freddy the Fox  Amy Carter
Peggy Pig  Kira Haughton
Pauline Pig  Haborn Shirreh
Portia Pig   Marcie Appleton                               
Josie Appleton            Marcie Appleton
Amy Carter                Claire Davies
Margaret Davies       Charlotte Dew
Gill Edwards               Eleanor Evison
Emma  Foy                 Kira Haughton
Hayley Holloway        Chelsea Jones
Heather King              Rebecca King
Elizabeth McFadyen  Angela Price
Sue Schofield              Emily Skinner
Alex Foy                    Nadya Panayi
Kirsty Porter             Michelle Riley
Melissa Size              Chloe Williams



Written by  Leo Appleton and Graham McFadyen
Producer/Director   Leo Appleton
Assistant Producer  Graham McFadyen
Production Co-ordinator  Lillie Wilmot
Prompter and Announcer  Geoff Moss
Backstage & Stage Management  Marie Griffiths
Assistant Stage Manager  Mike Taylor    
Scenery and Properties  Jeanette Carter, Brian Evison, Victoria Macoy, Jen Wright,  Julie Tsang
Make Up  Marie Griffiths, Jeanette Carter
Front of House Manager  Chris Price  
Choreography  Chelsea Jones, Grace Walsh
Choreography for Sylvia’s Dancers   Sylvia Stubbs
Costumes  Linda Hensen, Brenda Cottarel,  Jeanette Carter, Laura Walsh
Piano/Sound Effects  Ann Dickinson
Drums  Tony Piert
Guitar  Allan Robson
Stage and Lighting Effects  James Wright
Backstage Help and Chaperoning  Laura Caddick, Jeanette Carter, Lynda Dixon, Jenny Moss, Shelagh Mulholland,
Christine Spence, Joan Tudhope, Laura Walsh

Programme Design, Publicity, Printing & Sales Chris Price
  … and with grateful thanks to all who helped with serving refreshments, front of house and in any other way.
Scene 1    A Country Meadow
Scene 2    The King’s Head
Scene 3    The King’s Head
Scene 4    The Castle - Wedding
Scene 5    Rumpel’s Demands – 1st Guess

during which refreshments will be on sale

Scene 1    The King’s Head
Scene 2    A Country Meadow
Scene 3    The King’s Head
Scene 4    The Castle
Community Song and Finale


Roll out the barrel

We’ll have a barrel of fun

Roll out the barrel

We’ve got the blues on the run

Zing boom tararrel

Ring out a song of good cheer

Roll out the barrel

For the gang’s all here.

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