Monday 30th October, 2017

The first page of photos of the induction of our new Vicar, Fr John Reed.
The Bishop of Liverpool presided, preached and, assisted by the Archdeacon of Liverpool and the Area Dean,
carried out the various rites of passage required by the Church to a congregation of approaching 200.

The Revd John William Reed (Fr John to us!) was duly proclaimed priest-in-charge of
the United Benefice of St Faith, Great Crosby and St Mary the Virgin,  Waterloo.

This page of photos takes us more than half way through the hour and a half of words, ritual and music.
The remaining gallery  (coming soon) will take us out of church and into the Church Hall for a fine feast of a buffet.

Follow the links at the foot of this page for  access to the second page, the full order of service (in case captions are delayed,
this can be used to match the events to the liturgy) and information about our new incumbent.


Photos by Chris Price.
To  avoid confusion, the last photo above shows our treasurer carrying Bishop Paul's crozier.
Despite rumours, this was not an attempt by this ambitious politician to get into the House of Lords

The second page of the gallery
The order of service
Fr John's story