'Here's a Health unto Her Majesty'

More of how the Waterloo Anglican Churches celebrated
H.M. The Queen's 90th Birthday with Praises and Picnics

Here's a health unto her Majesty,
With a fa la la la la la la,
Confusion to her enemies,
With a fa la la la la la la.
And he who would not drink her health,
We wish him neither wit nor wealth,
Nor yet a rope to hang himself.
With a fal lal la la la la la la la la,
With a fal lal la la la la la.

Cub Cakes All Round!

The drizzle was intermittent and we were nearly on the point of decamping with picnics to the hall.
Fr Greg was hastily summoned, looked heavenward, did a rain dance, or possibly a prayer - and lo! the drizzle stopped.
The unformed organisations spread themselves on the grass, the congregations, and maybe even the odd passer-by,
sat down beneath bunting, flanked by flags, and everyone tucked in.
Before long festive cupcakes (sorry about the pun above) were distributed by the cubs to the less young and even less young.
The popping of corks heralded the arrival of the bubbly benediction, and it was time to raise a glass to
'The Queen, the Duke of Lancaster' - the proper toast when in her ducal county. Just as we are mopping up the last pies and sarnies,
the clouds gave forth their happily delayed blessing, and it was time to make for shelter and home.
Indubitably, a Good Time was Had by All, and our thanks are due to all who organised so memorable a morning for us.




Photos: Chris Price

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