Showing the Flag...
The Last Night of the Proms 2010

Once again the strains of unashamedly patriotic music filled St Mary's when,
on the evening of September 20th, the by now venerably traditional staging
of the United Benefice's own vesrion of The Last Night of the Proms took place.

The church was lavishly decked with English and Union flags, the audience came
with flags and various cacophonous trumpets and squeakers, and there was a
glass of 'bubbly' in the interval to ease the tranisition from operatic and organ solos
in the first half to the usual belting out of 'Rule Britannia and, of course,
'Land of Hope and Glory' at the end of the evening. Fr Neil Kelley, on organ and piano,
 performed as soloist and accompanist, with soprano Sarah Helsby Hughes giving voice in between.
It goes without saying that Good (and Patriotic) Time Was Had By All.

Photos: Chris Price

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