The 2016 Christmas Tree Festival at St Faith's

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'Wot - No Trees?

The days leading up to the opening of the annual extravaganza of our Christmas Tree Festival
were remarkable for the temporary absence of the eponymous ingredients!

Due to a supply glitch, the 30+ trees that should have arrived mid-week, leaving the usual couple of days to put them in place,
and for their sponsors to adorn and enlighten them, did not actually put in an appearance until about 9.00 am on Sunday 7th - opening day!
This meant that, immediately the Advent Toy Service was over, it was all hands to the pump
to get the show on the road (mixed metaphors our speciality).

Our next gallery will show how everything caught up with itself and the festivities continued as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.
A day or two earlier,, as the photos below show, the hard-working young people and leaders
of our indispensable uniformed organisations
are seen putting the boards and stands in place;
the bric-a-brac stalls and the products of the St Faith's Jam Factory are laid out, and a newly-arrived Christmas Bear,

courtesy of Irene, sat on the font surveying all that was going on around him (or her).

Watch this space....