Making Ready for Lent 2012

As the holy season of Lent approaches, there are several by now time-honoured rituals observed at St Faith's

In church, the side panels of the splendid Salviati reredos above the High Altar are folded in, and the woodwork is draped with black cloth for the Lenten season.

The almost life-sized Great Crucifix is brought from its place above the side altar in the chapel of the cross, and lifted into place in front of the draped High Altar.
The resultant dramatic display remains in place to mark the season of preparation for Easter, until, during Holy Week,
in the culmination of the Lenten observance, it will be brought down and erected above the chancel steps as a
  focus of worship on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, before being returned to the Chapel of the Cross on Easter Eve.

Our leading picture is of the Gospel procession on the Sunday before Lent, as Fr Dennis reads the scripture appointed for the day.

 Behind the incense smoke, Fr Neil is in the pulpit preparing for his sermon.
The High Altar reredos is seen for last time until Easter: the men with the poles are waiting in the wings...

Meanwhile, in the Church Hall, a pre-Lent lunch (a new 'tradition'!) was served to the congregation.
This has taken the place of the Shrove Tuesday evening meal at a local hostelry.

Finally, we see an unusual view of the High Altar without its usual six candlesticks.
This will be the backdrop to our worship for the next six weeks.

Photos: Chris Price

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