Picture Parade 2

More pictures of youth-centred activities at St Faith's in November and December, 2006

The next weekend saw the countdown to Advent completed with two happenings in which our young people were prominent

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006 was the date of the annual joint Sunday School's Christmas Party. Father Christmas put in an early appearance, there were more cakes and jellies, and party games with loud music. The pictures (by Chis Price and Denis Griffiths, on both pages) tell the story.

The next day was Advent Sunday, and during the course of the all-age family worship and parade service that morning, adults and chuildren alike brought up toys to be placed beneath the Nave Altar. Later they would be added to the offerings of other local children and wrapped and distributed to needy children in our Borough of Sefton.

Numbers were swollen at this service by the presence of youing people from the uniformed organisations - and an especially large contingent who had enjoyed a sleep-over in the Church hall on the previous night (well it's one way of getting them to Church!).

Finally, as a postscript to the service, Fr Neil gave the church's blessing to Fred and Linda Nye (Reader and Chorister respectively) on the eve of their departure to Serra Leone. Active and committed members of the local Waterloo Partnership, they were going as part of a small group visting that impoverished country to build further on the links between the two Waterloos. Saint Faith's has been part of this ground-breaking initiative from thje beginning, and you can read about the work of the organisation on their website www.waterloopartnership.co.uk. Reports on the visit will be posted on both sites when the travellers return.

Waiting for Santa to open his sack

Something for everyone

Father even has a present for Father!

Look what I got, Mummy!

The wallflowers

Toys on parade

Flagging up the Brownies

Waiting to tidy up

Send-off to Sierra Leone

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