Picture Parade

The run-up to Advent is always a busy time at Saint Faith's, and 2006 was no exception.

In quick succession we saw the Craft and Activity Day, the Sunday Schools' Party and the Advent Toy service - and all three focussed on the children of the United Benefice. On this and the following page you can see pictures of all three events. On this page we feature the Craft and Activity Day in our Hall, held on Saturday 25th November, 2006. While their parents pop out to do some shopping, we entertain the children with a range of creative activities. When their parents return, they are presented with home-made Christmas Cards, calendars, and a whole range of colourful Christrmas themed creations. Naturally, the children pause for refreshments and a quiz, then it's time to go home and leave the helpers to clean up the sparkly stuff and wipe off all the glue!

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